Clients talking about their Enterprise Performance Management

Our clients speaking about how their organizations managed to achieve a new, higher level of performance and efficiency.

OsloMet gets a comprehensive solution for business intelligence and performance management

“Hypergene is an all-encompassing solution which meets our needs within business intelligence and performance management going forward."
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Increased budget accuracy and better structure of the risk work when Lund University selects Hypergene

For budget and forecasting work, the introduction of Hypergene has meant that the entire organization now uses a common process with the same definitions of different concepts.
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Porträtt på Mats Engblom på Viking Line.

With Hypergene, Viking Line has access to improved decision guidance for procurement, planning and monitoring

Using Hypergene, Viking Line can monitor important parameters on board linked to sales, food and entertainment on a daily basis. Something that is used both to monitor performance and plan purchases, among other things.
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Porträtt på Cathrine Hellgren Roslagens sparbank

Improved fulfilment of objectives and risk management when Roslagens Sparbank chose system support from Hypergene

The introduction of Hypergene Performance Management, with risk management, regulatory frameworks and business planning, has provided Roslagens Sparbank with an improved overview of its business and has simplified management and control.
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Pernilla Frödén på Stena Fastigheter.

Hypergene provides Stena Fastigheter with a comprehensive view of the status of its property holdings

Stena Fastigheter now uses Hypergene’s solution for monitoring and analysis and performance management. The company is now able to devote more time to analysing information instead of compiling it and is consequently more proactive than reactive.
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Tommy Malm Eskilstuna kommun.

The municipality of Eskilstuna has a management model that clearly interconnects its vision with its people

The management model keeps the operations of the Municipality’s eight administrative boards and five corporations together.
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Anders Nilsson.

Sveaskog uses Hypergene as a tool for ongoing monitoring and long-term planning

The value of this new solution is apparent in several levels of the organization.
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