Hypergene for Higher education

Hypergene provides a complete and well-proven Business Intelligence and Performance Management solution – combining strategic management with financial and operational planning, business analytics and reporting. Today, several prominent HEIs rely on Hypergene to enable better performance.

With Hypergene, your organisation is able to improve its performance through streamlined planning processes, advanced analytics and excellent reporting capabilities. The solution is based on a powerful core platform which allows automated workflows, advanced integration and business logics. The solution is cloud-enabled and accessed through a fully role-based web portal which empowers decision-makers to easily and instantly access relevant, up-to-date information. One single point of entry – one truth.

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Streamlined processes 

In a complex organisational landscape, with multiple stakeholders and with key data and information spread across multiple source systems, many Higher Education Institutions struggle to achieve streamlined processes and a single point of entry to information. Often, significant time and effort is required to ensure that operational plans are aligned with long term strategic objectives, that financial and business information is compiled and consolidated, and that stakeholders are provided the information they need – when they need it.

Hypergene provides a purpose-built solution for enabling better performance within Higher Education Institutions. The solution is fully integrated, yet modular – allowing your organisation to either implement selected elements or to opt for a fully holistic system.

Strategic Planning

Hypergene allows you to define strategic plans, set goals, and share tasks and activities throughout the organisation. Progress and performance can be tracked in relation to the KPIs defined, allowing you to instantly act on deviations. Strategic planning seamlessly interlaces with the financial and operational planning processes – ensuring a red thread between long and near-term planning horizons.

Risk Management

With Hypergene, your organisation can greatly enhance its risk management process. Risks can be identified, classified and tracked organisation-wide, by faculty and department. Risk scores and mitigation activities can be monitored by type, by organisational unit, or in a portfolio context. Hypergene ensures a well-structured and pro-active approach to the risk management process.

Financial Planning

The financial planning process is supported through budgeting and forecasting models uniquely tailored for Higher Education Institutions. Tight integrations to existing core systems ensure up-to-date information while the Hypergene workflow engine provides complete process control and improved data quality. HEI specific cost distribution models and interaction with staff and project-related planning models ensures ease-of-use and efficiency throughout the process.

Research Project Management

The research project lifecycle is supported pre- and post-award. Pre-award applications can be filed and processed with complete funding and cost calculation information – including overhead and other component costs. Post-award project management includes resourcing, forecasting and portfolio reporting – allowing the organisation to transparently analyse single projects or entire project portfolios.

Financial Reporting

The solution provides comprehensive reporting capabilities with tight integration to core financial systems. Guided analysis allows users to dive into the data from a multi-dimensional perspective – all the way through to related documents, e.g. vendor invoices. Views can easily be saved as favourites and shared amongst user groups and individual users.

KPI Tracking

Higher Educational Institutions frequently needs to track a significant number of KPIs, ranging from pure financial KPIs to more operational indicators, such as, student and staff-related data. Hypergene empowers the organisation to view, track and respond to defined KPIs in a structured and user-friendly way. KPIs can be analysed not only in terms of values and trends but also in comparison to goals and defined thresholds. Provided the budgeting and forecasting capabilities are utilised, KPI trends can also be viewed in a forward-looking perspective – enabling the organisation to analyse the forecast outcome of its plans.

Staff Reporting

Staff and personnel-related data can be analysed from a financial or a non-financial perspective, allowing headcount figures to be broken down into roles and positions, staff-related costs, productivity analyses, absence data and more.

Student Statistics

Student statistics, e.g. student composition, full-time student load data and research student statistics, can be analysed to enable decision-makers to track KPIs and identify trends. Virtually any type of student data can be woven into the solution making comparisons possible with other performance figures.

Performance Reporting

Hypergene Performance Reporting enables the organisation to manage recurring reporting requirements in a lean and efficient way. With Performance Reporting, reporting templates for management and operational reporting can be easily defined, all types of content may easily be added to the templates, and reports using the embedded workflow capabilities can be shared.When composing a Performance Report, you simply add the information needed – statements, charts or KPIs – and relate the report to an organisational level within the organisation. Pictures, notes and analytical comments can be added, or a named person within the organisation to be responsible for adding analytical comments and notes can be assigned. Performance Reports are shared electronically though the solution, powered by the Hypergene workflow engine. Hypergene Performance Reporting allows your organisation to revitalise its reporting process – save time and improve quality!

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Proven Solution

Today, several prominent HEIs rely on Hypergene to enable better performance. Selected examples: Lund University (40,000 students and approx. 7,400 employees), Chalmers University of Technology (10,000 students and 3,400 employees), Oslo Metropolitan University (20,000 students and 2,200 employees).

View our free webinar-on-demand with best practice from Scandinavian HEIs.

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