A large number of private and public sector organizations use Hypergene. What all our clients share is that they use Hypergene to improve the planning, monitoring and analysis of their operations.

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The product has three interacting and user-friendly modules: Performance management, Budgeting & Forecasting and Monitoring & Analysis. Each stands up well by itself, and together, they build an effective and complete performance management solution. Find out more about the three modules here.

The product is used in industries like real estate, transportation, media, and the public sector, including municipalities, public authorities and county councils.

More about the effects clients that have chosen Hypergene have achieved

  • Paf—radically improved forecast precision with a rolling 12-month forecast
  • TV4—made sales control and planning far easier
  • Länsstyrelserna—operational managers get a new grasp of their operations
  • SSAB—group management gets comprehensive monthly reporting, fast
  • The Municipality of Eskilstuna—management model that links the Municipality’s vision to its staff
  • Keolis—business managers become more conscious of what is driving revenues
  • Awapatent—rapid control over the finances of newly acquired entities.