Strategic Management

Research indicates that 90% of all organizations are unsuccessful in executing strategies. This is often because their people don’t understand, or have access to, strategic plans or overall targets. They also lack the tools that clarify the link between strategies, plans and activities—something Hypergene changes fundamentally.

Hypergene’s solution delivers great flexibility, and is customizable to your organization’s specific management models. From the selected model, strategic initiatives are interconnected with target areas and activities. Overall plans and missions are distributed to the rest of your organization, who can take a view of, and define, the activities that contribute to the overall direction. Continuously measurable KPIs are then allocated to targets and roles, as well as activities to ensure that targets are achieved. In the same tool, your employees can report back, comment on and change the status of the processes they participate in. 

This makes control and overview far easier for leaders and managers. Dashboards illustrate operational development clearly at an overall level, and for specific parts of your organization, and the same applies to individuals, who can thus see and understand their role in your business.

Hypergene enabled us to get everything together—budgeting/forecasting, performance management and reporting. Getting the complete picture and access to full histories is a huge advantage for myself and our CEO. We get the breadth and the depth.
Henrik Backman, CFO & EVP, Upplands Motor

The tool can be enhanced in a raft of different ways. Some organizations prefer to have overall plans backed by financial limits, HR KPIs and analysis of their business environments. Other needs might be quality assurance or adding risk analysis to mission-critical processes. Hypergene’s flexible platform enables customization and supplementation with little effort. The Performance Management module also integrates seamlessly with Hypergene’s Budgeting & Forecasting and Monitoring & Analysis modules, creating a powerful performance management entity, enabling organization wide continuous and integrated quality and improvement work.

Built in support for:

  • Customizable management models and target hierarchies
  • Activity management with allocation of responsibilities and scheduling
  • KPI database
  • Text processing in a document framework
  • Workflows including authorization and controls
  • Integration with business systems
  • Aggregate reporting and analysis organization wide


Example applications:

  • Business plans
  • Operational plans
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Management by Objectives
  • Risk analysis
  • Quality plans
  • Environmental plans
  • Strategic Planning


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Hypergene in brief

Hypergene is a tech company operating in the decision-support market. Our web-based product helps customers to plan, monitor and analyze their business – thereby steering their organizations towards set goals. The key is a product consisting of three interacting, user-friendly components: Performance Management, Budgeting and Forecasting as well as Monitoring and Analysis. Each component stands on its own merits while together they comprise an effective holistic solution for business management. 

Hypergene is evolving and growing at a fast pace as more and more customers choose us. We currently have approximately 150 employees and are continually on the lookout for new colleagues. In 2014 we were named Marathon Gazelle of the Year by Dagens Industri and one of Sweden’s most innovative tech companies by Computer Sweden.


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