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Research and advisory firm Gartner estimates that digitally stored information is expanding by 60% yearly. This means a lot of companies are doubling their data volumes every two years. The challenge is to structure information and make it available in a way that facilitates decision-making—the right information to the right person at the right time. To achieve this, analysis and reporting functionality is critical to success.

Hypergene brings users access to analysis tools that include drill down, drill through and drill to detail, as well as sophisticated text processing and collaborative functionality. Information can be distributed through organizations where people enrich and develop it—obviously working from their designated roles and authorizations.

The facility for involving your organization transforms the tool into a continuously evolving, mission-critical information hub. Moreover, when people can add comments, their own thoughts and explanatory annotations, charts and illustrations become more understandable.

We now have complete overview of our booking status and revenues, and at any moment, we know what we can sell and what we have sold. With business intelligence in place, our sales control and planning is so much easier. Carl Hemmingsson, Assistant Sales Director, TV4


Hypergene’s platform can be easily integrated with a variety of data sources, enabling users to produce and combine key performance indicators from sources from within your organization’s system flora and beyond. Hypergene’s tools also enable dynamic reporting that can be customized with various levels of structure and freedom for onward analysis.

In practical terms, this means the possibility of distribute turnkey reports, and reports with sophisticated analysis functionality for people that need deeper understanding. Reports can also compile information from different systems, and from all parts of operations. Which could be complete report suites or monthly management reports—performance reporting offers a huge array of options.

Working with analysis and reporting in Hypergene is easy—for the first-time user or the most advanced one. Hypergene keeps user-friendliness and efficient visualization in focus right through the solution, backed by a powerful technology platform that enables rapid analysis of high data volumes. The Budgeting & Forecasting module also integrates seamlessly with Hypergene’s Performance Management and Budgeting & Forecasting modules, creating a powerful performance management entity, enabling an organization wide continuous and integrated quality and improvement work.


Built in support for:

  • Dynamic reports
  • Guided analysis
  • Ad hoc analysis
  • Distributed report packages
  • Pre-saved selections
  • Charting
  • Drill down and drill through
  • Transaction display
  • Document display
  • Annotation and comment processing
  • Excel and PDF exporting


Example applications:

  • KPI analysis
  • Management reporting
  • Profitability modelling
  • Operational analysis
  • Operational monitoring
  • Project management
  • Cash flow modelling
  • Consolidation
  • Business intelligence


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Hypergene in brief

Hypergene is a web-based planning, monitoring and analysis product. With our help, organizations can manage by objectives, and achieve a new, higher level of performance and efficiency. 

The key is a product that consists of three interacting and user-friendly modules: Performance management, Budgeting & Forecasting and Monitoring & Analysis. Each module stands up well on its own merits, and together, they create a complete performance management solution.

Hypergene is a Swedish company with more than 100 co-workers and has been recognized as ‘Marathon Gazelle of the Year’ in 2014 by one of Swedish keynote business daily newspaper, Dagens Industri. In the same year, Computer Sweden recognized Hypergene as one of Sweden’s hottest and most innovative tech companies.


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