Improved fulfilment of objectives and risk management when Roslagens Sparbank chose system support from Hypergene

Working in a single interface instead of different document formats and reporting structures has enabled Roslagens Sparbank to streamline its working methods. It has also freed up time that can be spent improving the quality of the contents of documents.


  • Insufficient monitoring of commercial objectives, inadequate risk management, lack of structure


  • Hypergene Performance Management with risk management, regulatory frameworks and business planning.
  • A hosting solution means that Hypergene is also responsible for operation of the system.


  • Better overview of the business
  • Simplified management and control
  • Improved risk management, incl. traceability


Within the banking sector requirements concerning governance, monitoring and regulatory compliance demand a methodical and structured approach to work. This applies both from an official perspective and from the point of view of customer protection. Savings bank Roslagens Sparbank, which has 45,000 private customers, 6,000 corporate customers and a business volume in the region of 25 billion, felt that it could be doing more. Not only did the bank lack a clear structure for monitoring commercial objectives, but its processes for logging and monitoring risks and observations were also inadequate.

“In conjunction with the implementation of a great many new regulations in the industry, including increased quality requirements for our internal processes, it became clear that we needed to find a tool that can help us to create structure, improve quality and streamline management,” says Catrin Hellgren, Business Developer at Roslagens Sparbank.

As the requirements imposed by the authorities increased, the bank also identified a need to focus on digitisation of its internal processes.


During the autumn of 2016 Roslagens Sparbank began to look at the market for systems that could support increased digitisation and so a more efficient and qualitative approach to the management of internal processes.

“We started looking at different products, with one solution quickly catching our eye – Hypergene, which we had already heard mention of in other contexts. We liked the fact that Hypergene has developed solutions for a wide variety of industries and that the company has previous experience of regulated activities,” says Catrin Hellgren. 

In the end Hypergene Performance Management was the preferred solution, which the bank uses for work involving commercial objectives, to log risks and observations and for monitoring, as well as “to-do activities”, which, in accordance with the bank’s governing documents, are activities that must be performed at certain intervals. In the long term there is also scope for developing the solution to include finance and business management.


“Working in a single interface instead of different document formats and reporting structures has enabled us to streamline our working methods. It has also freed up time that can be spent improving the quality of the contents of documents,” says Catrin Hellgren. She adds that they also have a log of activities to be done, which shows who is responsible for the activity and when it must be done by. You can also easily check that the work has actually been done.

What advice would you give a company that is thinking of investing in decision support?

“Clarify the nature of the needs, particularly what you want to achieve by implementing a new system. Let prospective users contribute to the requirements specification and ensure that there is a good standard of training and documentation when you come to introduce the system,” concludes Catrin Hellgren.



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