Hypergene Health & Social Care

This application makes critical operational information available without infrequent users needing to log into complex expert systems.

The application is used in three segments: individual and family care, care for older people, and care of disabled people. Hypergene enables operational information to be compiled and presented relevantly for the right people. Trends are revealed and the results of various units can be easily compared to each other. In simple terms, authorities only need to use a single tool for analysis and reporting, and for systematic quality work. The relevant managers only need to log in at one place, and thus avoid getting involved in multiple systems. The home care solution is consistent with the content of Swedish authorities SKL’s and RKA’s care help guidelines.

KPIs in focus

The application focuses on various types of KPI, such as adaptability, productivity and cost per client within home care services. Quality-oriented KPIs based on survey data can also be tracked. The scope of KPIs depends on the data available from business systems. Benchmarking with other municipalities is possible by integrating with Kolada.

Tracking cases and decisions

Tracking cases end to end, such as processing times and costs, is easy. Statistics can be presented based on cause, decision type or operative. Similarly, the various processes of execution can be followed up and presented clearly. Health & Social Care is the place where critical operational information is compiled and presented. The system is also compliant with Swedish personal data protection legislation standards.

Pre-configured integration

The application includes pre-installed integration with the most commonly used business systems such as Procapita, Magna Cura, Pulsen Combine and Treserva. It is also readily customizable for more client-specific needs.

Management system for quality systematic quality work compliant with Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare standards

Hypergene KOMMUN delivers effective support for systematic quality work compliant with the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare’s standards. Hypergene delivers support that automates information flows related to quality work and supports interaction between politicians, regulators and administrators.

Hypergene in brief

With Hypergene’s help you can streamline your budget and forecasting processes, follow up on operations using advanced analysis and reporting functionality, and work with strategic management in a manner that breaks down overall plans into goals, KPIs and activities throughout the organization. The solution is based on a powerful platform that allows automated workflows, integrations and role-based portals – and provides a cohesive kit for the presentation and distribution of information from all part of the product.

We are a growing tech company with a product that makes a great difference for our customers. Hypergene was named Marathon Gazelle of the Year by Dagens Industri and one of Sweden’s most innovative tech companies by Computer Sweden. Our customers include ATG, Viking Line, Kungsleden, SSAB and TV4. We also work with a number of central government agencies s, all of Sweden’s county administrative boards, and approximately 70 Swedish municipalities.

Our aim is to enable better performance management for your business.

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