Enterprise Performance Management for municipalities

Hypergene KOMMUN gives decision-makers organization wide all critical business information integrated in one place.

Hypergene KOMMUN delivers integrated system support for strategy, planning, implementation and monitoring, where municipalities can get a grasp of the complete performance management process for decision-makers at all levels.

Everyone involved gains a simple and clear view of operations, specific to their role, quickly and easily. Financials, KPIs, targets and other operational information can be presented, analyzed and followed up at overall or detail level. Regardless of whether the solution is implemented complete, or only selected modules, significantly enhanced control of operations is enabled.

Hypergene KOMMUN serves as a complement to the municipality’s used business , and makes the information within them far more accessible. Information is automatically captured from business systems, compiled and presented understandably. Apart from facilitating overview and analysis, it also becomes easier to create updated and quality-assured KPIs for operations. Hypergene KOMMUN is a powerful platform for the continuous development of municipal performance management.


Why choose Hypergene KOMMUN?

  • Tried-and-tested applications with pre-configured integration to business systems.
  • More than 50 municipalities are participating in the ongoing development process and benefiting from the results. Implementation is performed according to a quality-assured methodology, for a fixed fee, with clearly specified content, to generate rapid operational benefits.
  • Facilitates, streamlines and saves time for managers.
  • A tool for managing quality-enhancing actions.



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Hypergene in brief

Hypergene is a tech company operating in the decision-support market. Our web-based product helps customers to plan, monitor and analyze their business – thereby steering their organizations towards set goals. The key is a product consisting of three interacting, user-friendly components: Performance Management, Budgeting and Forecasting as well as Monitoring and Analysis. Each component stands on its own merits while together they comprise an effective holistic solution for business management. 

Hypergene is evolving and growing at a fast pace as more and more customers choose us. We currently have approximately 150 employees and are continually on the lookout for new colleagues. In 2014 we were named Marathon Gazelle of the Year by Dagens Industri and one of Sweden’s most innovative tech companies by Computer Sweden.


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