Corporate Performance Management for business

Hypergene is a complete enterprise performance management solution, which supports performance management, business planning, budgeting/forecasting, and reporting and analysis in a single solution.

Our business clients operate in different sectors and face differing challenges. We can address their needs regardless of whether they need to develop their budgeting processes, if they need to view critical business information on sales, or if there are new and important KPIs that need to be accessible and visualized. Our product transforms how companies plan, control and follow up on their operations. Clients can rationalize their budgeting and forecasting processes, follow up on operations using sophisticated analysis and reporting facilities, and work on performance management by breaking down overall plans into targets, KPIs and activities organization wide.

Using a web portal, Hypergene offers decision-makers in your business a clear view of operations quickly and easily. The portal presents finances, KPIs, targets and business plans, which are analyzed and followed up at overall or detail levels.


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Hypergene in brief

Hypergene is a web-based planning, monitoring and analysis product. With our help, organizations can manage by objectives, and achieve a new, higher level of performance and efficiency. 

The key is a product that consists of three interacting and user-friendly modules: Performance management, Budgeting & Forecasting and Monitoring & Analysis. Each module stands up well on its own merits, and together, they create a complete performance management solution.

Hypergene is a Swedish company with more than 100 co-workers and has been recognized as ‘Marathon Gazelle of the Year’ in 2014 by one of Swedish keynote business daily newspaper, Dagens Industri. In the same year, Computer Sweden recognized Hypergene as one of Sweden’s hottest and most innovative tech companies.


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